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Get your Temporary Summer Tattoo / Mehndi

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What is Henna & Jagua?

Henna (Mehndi) is the natural color of the plant Lawsonia inermis. This pigment dyes the upper layer cells of the skin (epidermis).

Jagua is a dark, contrasting dye obtained from the fruit Genipa americana.

A Jagua- or Henna-Ornament and will remain visible as long as the cells will not be washed or wiped away – approximately 1,5 weeks.

The natural process of cell regeneration takes about one to three weeks. The durability of the ornament depends on the skin in which the tattoo is placed, the specific layering of the skin, friction, etc.

What I am offering?

A practical guide, an easy and enjoyable introduction into the world of henna and jagua skin art.

The application of temporary skin decorations with henna and jagua on personal appointment.

Event painting on weddings, kid’s parties, carnival etc.

Workshops for preparation and application of henna and jagua, special techniques, templates etc.

The delivery of quality assured, prepared cones and henna equipment.

Learn everything you need to know about henna and jagua skin art.

When and where?

Lienz/Tyrol – Plzeň – Linz/Donau – České Budějovice

I offer ornaments at events, in cafes, squares or similar places, by appointment via phone, email, Telegram, Instagramm, WhatsApp etc.

Who I am?

My name is Anna Marie Mikulecká. I am biological
chemistry student at JKU-Linz and University of South Bohemia Ceské Budejovice.

I love nature, travelling, art, photography etc. Some of my stories you can find on my blog and some of my pictures you can find on eyeem.

Why I love it?

With henna and jagua you can play with their appearance and the emergence your personality.

By applying the body art of henna and jagua we can temporarily recreate and change our look and align our inner mental self-image with our outer appearance, to regain homeostasis.

With a skin visibility duration of the artefacts up to three weeks, we can continuously adopt.

By usage of high quality self-made products made of materials from reliable sources, you ensure only the best ingredients for your skin.

The application is also possible for sensitive skin and during pregnancy. Of course I do not use PPD or black henna, that is often offered in touristic areas.

My natural products are also compatible with sensitive skin, and also during pregnancy.

How much is it?

Henna and jagua apllication, depending on the size and complexity of the ornament prices are from 10€ to 40 €, including the material.

Order shipping/collection of henna and jagua material via my online shop henna-jagua.com

Painting on events, like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. by appointment, from 35 € per hour.

Henna and jagua seminar, price by arrangement in person, online seminar or hybrid.


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